Our Get'a Tap Troup participated in Nisei Week Festival.
"Geta" is a pair of wooden sandals people in Japan commonly wear.  When walking, they produce beautiful wooden "clack clack" sounds.
So a creative Takeshi Kitano, a Golden Lion award winner, producer/actor used a scene in his famous "Zato-Ichi" movie, when farmers flash-mob'ed into a Geta Tap Dancing performance.
In 2014, Nisei Week Festival picked up this performance having volunteers from Japanese business people and local community volunteers to launch a dance stage as Geta Tap Dance.
(We have some extra pairs of Geta if you don’t have them.)
Since then, "as no skill needed" volunteers are convening through several practicing to put on a show during Nisei Week Festival.
Rotary Club of Little Tokyo, in collaboration of Little Tokyo Business Association are playing a center role in continuing this "new" legacy.