The beautiful Storrier Sterns Japanese Garden in Pasadena hosted the re-plantong ceremony of the A-bomb survived camellia tree on Sunday, May 8th.  This was a project by Hiroshima Rotary Club, Yoneyama Yuai Rotary Club, and Yoneyama Yuai E-Rotary Club in collaboration with Green Legacy, a non-profit to promote peace in the world by re-planting bomb survived trees and plants.
The Rotary Club of Little Tokyo supports the project, and some of us sacrificed Mother's Day and attended this very special event.  Pictured are from left to right Larry Gillham, PDG Elsa Gillham, Hiro Yokota and his wife, Yukiko Yokota, Mari Robinson, Haru Takehana, Makiko Nakasone, Weili Materna, Derek Furuta of Southern California Gardeners' Federation (SCGF), Tsukasa Watanabe, Ellen Sun, DG DJ Sun, and Brian Yamazaki of SCGF.
There were also Koto performance as well as the tea ceremony by Omote Senke school of tea.
It was a beautiful ceremony, which provoked many thoughts on peace.