Rotary Club of Little Tokyo, Los Angeles

Regular Meeting "Budokan, What's Next?"

Little Tokyo
Little Tokyo Towers Conference Room
United States

Budokan, What's Next?  

Please join us in inviting Mr. Mike Murase of Budokan Project to share with us on the current status of the project as well as how we can appreciate the long awaited completion of this facility.

Mike Murase has been involved in human services, social change, education, government and politics for over 40 years. As an undergraduate at University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), he was a co-founder of the Asian American Studies Center and later taught ethnic studies at UCLA, University of Southern California and California State University at Long Beach.

He was a part of the core group who founded Little Tokyo Service Center (LTSC),   Mike served as the board president for first 5 years, he also advocated for members of Japanese Welfare Rights Organization, Little Tokyo People’s Rights Organization and National Coalition for Redress & Reparations (NCRR), and authored Little Tokyo: One Hundred Year History.  He serves LTSC as Director of Service Programs and Budokan Campaign Director