Kudos to our Community Service Chair/PE, Mike Okamoto, for recruiting as many as 15 club members, family members, and friends to participate in the Rotary Day of Service on Saturday, April 16.  I think our club had the most number of participants in the District!  The L.A. River near the Sepulveda Sports Complex in Van Nuys became so clean, and we all felt really good.
Those who sacrificed their beautiful Saturday morning to come for the clean up are: Mike Okamoto, Hiro Yokota, Weili Materna, Sylvia and Yoshi Ena, Joyce and Greg Chinn and their friends, Connie Yuhara, and Brian Ikeda, Chris Komai, Miyako Hotel's Keiji Kobayashi and his entire family, Ayaka, Kaeru, and Mahiro, and myself.
Sorry, I seemed to have missed the group photo, and could picture just five: (from left to right) Weili Materna, Brian Ikeda, Connie Yuhara, Joyce Chinn, and Makiko Nakasone.
Domo arigato!