Welcome to Little Tokyo, Los Angeles!  In the 1880s, Japanese immigrants began setting up homes and small businesses in what became known as Little Tokyo. Then, over 130 years later, despite the community’s World War II forced relocation, Little Tokyo is back with its resilience, shown in its cultural economy, institutions, small businesses, and connections to contemporary Japan.  It owes everything to the strong community fabric passed down from generation to generation.  "Kodomo no tameni" or for the generations to follow, this fabric forms the backbone to Little Tokyo’s significance as the symbolic hub of the southland’s Japanese Town, one of the four remaining Japan towns in the nation.  It is multi-generational and multi-cultural, rich with arts and culture, and expressed through civic traditions like the Nisei Week Parade.

What you can find in Little Tokyo; Through redevelopment era, the community strived to preserve its historic characters.  As you walk the First street, you are welcomed by the streetscape of federally preserved building.  Rotary Club of Little Tokyo meets in one of these building called Far East Cafe (aka Far Bar) with the large "Chop Shui" sign.  This is where people meet, dine and connect both before and after the war relocation.  You will see the "Yagura" or fire-watch-tower across the street from Far East Cafe building rebuilt exactly according to the old Japanese design, twice with wooden tembers and later replace with steel, yet maintaining as the welcome place of Little Tokyo.



Redevelopment in late 70's to 80's; The main characteristics of Little Tokyo is its strong ties with Japan.  From late 70's, the community went through the redevelopment era and some hotels, cultural institutions, shopping centers etc were built with Japan's participation along with locally and publicly spearheaded development projects filled every corners of Little Tokyo.

Reflecting community's diverse interests; Little Tokyo community welcomes people from outside as long as the people can respect and honor Little Tokyo's culture and the ethnic history, which have been passed on to be treasured by the community.  With the inclusion of METRO's Regional Connector with its station being located inside Little Tokyo, Little Tokyo is now being transforming itself into safe and prosperous place enriched by cultural and religious institutions, a "fun" place-to-be as one of Los Angeles’ most vibrant cultural hubs, with abundant destinations and landmark.